Polaris Tool and Machine

We manufacture the Rock’s line of lapidary equipment and accessories for your lapidary needs. All items that we manufacture are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

Rock's Automatic Cab Machine

The Automatic Cab Machine is a tried and true machine, which can make cabochons in minutes. No more grinding cabs on a polisher/grinder, this machine pre-forms the cabs for you. Once the machine is setup, it can produce thousands of identically sized and shaped cabs. While the machine is in operation, you will have time to trim your next stone to size. After operation, all that’s needed is a polish which can be performed in your tumbler. You can order a single head or a dual head machine. The single head will let you cut one cab, while the dual head will let you cut two cabs, two of the same type or two different types, the choice is yours. You will also receive three master cabs, 75 dops, a one year warranty and a manual with your purchase. An optional water pump can be added but is sold separately. A large selection of extra master cabs sold separately.

The Rock's Automatic Cabochon Machine Features,

Cast Aluminum Construction
Durable Powder Coated Finish
1/3 HP. Motor, 60 HZ
3 Master Cabs: 40x30mm 30x22mm & 25x18mm
75 Steel Dops
1 Diamond Wheel (single head machine)
2 Diamond Wheels (dual head machine)
1 year warranty
Owners Manual
Water Pump and Extra Master Cabs Sold Separately

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